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Mastering Monday: Open Mic

Open Mic Night- The Lifestyles Center Classic

Open Mic Night- The Lifestyles Center’s best known event has returned. This Thursday night event has become a weekly ritual for many students here at SUNY Oswego. What accounts for its success? Maybe it’s the welcoming environment created by the audience and the peer educator-hosts. Maybe it’s the varying talent discovered each week. Or maybe it’s the free snacks and drinks… I believe it to be a product of these reasons and more. Peer educators and the Lifestyles Center staff have worked for years to create and evolve this trademark event.
Here’s how it goes down. You walk into the library cafe, find yourself a comfy couch or chair, or maybe a table with a group of friends. Grab yourself a snack and drink. Maybe even grab some coloring pages, yarn to knit, or a board game to play with some buddies. Then sit back, relax, and listen to the expressions ofr your fellow peers. You will be surprised with what you see. Some will have you laughing till your abs are sore, others will have you swaying to an acoustic melody, and others will pull your heart strings with their powerful words of poetry. Whatever form of expression you fancy, you’re likely to hear it at Open Mic night.
So, next time you find yourself craving some relaxation and artistic expression, come down to Open Mic on (most) Thursdays from 7-10pm at Lake Effect Cafe.

Here’s the link with exact dates:

Written by Peer Educator, Amanda George.