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Welcome to Oswego! We hope you’re glad to be here. We know that Mondays, even your first Monday, can be rough. But they can be mastered, and with the help of our tips and guidance.

Watch this:

In this video, Alyssa Levenberg talks about growing up and moving away from parents and family. Many of her videos have helpful lessons and advice about adjusting to college life!

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Here are some life hacks for college students (we only recommend using the alcohol-related hacks if you are legal to drink!)

Do this:


  • Get involved. Seriously. It’s going to pay off big time if you can find clubs and organizations that you enjoy. Not only is it good to have something you like doing to keep your stress level down, but it will also make for a well-rounded, impressive resume! Consider going to the Involvement Fair. You might find a few awesome clubs to join and some awesome people to hang out with too.
  • See the town. Oswego might not be a big town, but there’s lots to do! Take a walk around town with some friends in your free time, especially while the weather is nice. There are some cool stores and great places to eat not far from campus.
  • Smile, smile, smile. Being friendly can go a long way to helping you fit in and find friends.
  • Get used to studying. You might not have had to study that much in high school, but you can dig yourself quite a hole in college when you avoid studying! Finding a method that works for you will benefit you in the long run.
  • Chat up your professors. Establishing a good relationship with your professors, particularly the ones in the field you’d like to go into, could lead to opportunities and open doors that you never expected!
  • Practice res hall etiquette. Shared living might not be something you’re used to, so try to be courteous of the other people living there. Maintain good hygiene so sickness doesn’t spread as easily, keep your noise level reasonable for the time of day and don’t leave unnecessary messes for the janitorial staff to clean up. This helps make the res halls more enjoyable for everyone to live in.
  • Think about it before you do it. You’ll have a lot more choice in college, but don’t let that overwhelm you or let you fall into bad habits. We at the Lifestyles Center like to promote healthy choices. Ultimately, you’ll be the one facing the consequences, so maybe it would be best to think things through.
  • Enjoy yourself. Yes, you came here to get an education. But college can be full of fun memories and great people if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone. Remember that it doesn’t have to be all work. Balance work and fun, and try not to have too much of either.


Emily Klingbeil, Peer Educator.