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Mondays may be the start of a new week, but they’re also the start of new worries, stresses, assignments and tests. It’s Registration season here at SUNY Oswego and hopefully, with the help of this article, you can begin to master this Monday.

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More Tips for Registration


  • Backups for your backups. Plan a mock schedule and then make sure to have backup classes in case the first ones fill up! Meet with your advisor, they may know more about courses than the descriptions can tell you and can recommend certain courses over others.
  • Monitor class seats. As your Start time nears, be looking at the space available in the classes you want. Here’s where the backups will come in handy.
  • CRNs are your best friends. If nothing else, write down the CRNs of the courses in the order you’ll need to enter them. Put courses with limited space up top and then enter those first, alone, in the boxes provided on the registration screen. You don’t need to put in all CRNs at once, and it will only waste time if there’s a course you need with one seat left.
  • Be ready. If your Start time is during a class, email the professor in advance! Try to work out a way that you can register as soon as it’s time. Have a laptop or be nearby a computer lab. Best not to try to do it from your phone or other iOS device!
  • Keep calm. If a class is filled or another issue arises during registration, try not to freak out. You can try emailing the professors of filled classes to politely ask if there’s any way you can get a seat. If an error comes up that you don’t understand or have another issue with registering, contact your advisor. They are there to help. Stay positive!



Emily Klingbeil, Peer Educator

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