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With so many new prescription drugs gaining traction to help fight illnesses, the terminology and research behind them can start to become confusing. On top of this, many more people end up addicted to these drugs. And, when a prescription runs out, these unfortunate individuals become hard-pressed on finding their next fix.

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This news piece recently found online reports of a saddening event that occurred on the New College of Florida in Sarasota. During the mishap, one student and a visitor both are suspected to have overdosed on prescription drugs. While unfortunate, this conversation provides viewers with the awareness that prescription drugs should not be taken as a lighthearted game. Drug usage, legal or not, is dangerous. While watching this video is heartbreaking to viewers, it also sparks fear of drug use consequences.

Police investigate two deaths on New College campus in Sarasota

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Treating addiction can be difficult. The article below offers tactics in order to help rid someone of addiction. With the following tactics, a person can better prepare themselves to move off of the drugs they may have become addicted to. The article says that most individuals that have a tendency towards addiction should come up with a plan with a doctor, therapist, or pharmacist to use a different medical tool to have access to if they develop a new, future injury.

Do This: Getting Rid Of Prescriptions

Here is the best practices for getting rid of completed prescription leftovers.

  1. Remove Labels. The first step to medicine removal is to take any personal or drug-related information off of your pill containers. This is important to protect your identity and to limit enabling through recognition. If people see a label they recognize, they may be more likely to search out the pills that could be in the trash.
  2. Remove From Containers. Never keep your pills in the container they came in. This tells non-prescribed individuals that what they are about to take will probably have stronger effects than an over-the-counter medicine.
  3. Crush Them. Do your best to smash the container and pills. This will limit their effectiveness and visibility.
  4. Don’t Give Away. The reason prescriptions are necessary is because of the personalized effects of them. Never give old or new medicines to your friends because their reaction could be adverse due to allergies or chemical contents.
  5. Don’t Flush Them. Drug residue found in lakes and rivers harm the environment. Scatter the remnants of the crushed pills into a trash bag to protect others and nature.

Written by Jaydee Maldonado, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Pills photo