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Watch This:

This is a very insightful and interesting video on how to reuse things that we may consider trash! In this video there are three DIY (Do It Yourself) easy to follow videos on how to convert trash into reusable items! The first DIY is an M&M recyclable case, which you can put money, pens, makeup, headphones, and many more things in! The second DIY is a reusable snack bag which can serve as a lunch bag, a snack bag, or anything else! Lastly, the final DIY is a Recycled carton wallet, made out of a recycled orange juice container! You can swap this for a milk container, or anything that is cardboard! Have fun and get to crafting!!

Read This:

This is an article that goes through exactly why recycling is so important for our planet! This article goes in depth about products made from recyclable material which is a new and upcoming thing that many companies are looking to do! The article also discusses different ways to reduce the amount of waste that you make! Ultimately, this article discusses the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!!

Do This:

If a pug can recycle, so can you! Remember to recycle as much as you can! SUNY Oswego tries to make it easy by having 3 separate kinds of garbage: paper, plastics and waste! In your dorm rooms, or at your off campus house remember to follow that simple garbage separation! Plastics in one bin, paper/cardboard in another, and waste in a separate can! This little bit of recycling can help improve the earth, as well as make reusable products out of recyclable goods!
Written and Researched by Jenna Uryevick, Peer Educator

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