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Watch This:

Although a shameless promotion for Puffs tissues, this long commercial is both accurate and relevant, especially in cold/flu season. It offers quick tips for sickness prevention that maybe you’d never heard before, like washing your hands is only really effective if you lather your hands in soap for 20 seconds, or that 9 cups of water is necessary to boost your immune system. We’re all starting to get sick, and if more people follow these tips, hopefully we won’t get hit so hard.

Read This:

This article has more tips on how to stop a cold once you’ve already got it, from what foods to eat to the mentality you need to beat this cold. Although it’s hard to go out of your daily routine, colds are hard to get rid of, and every little detail about what goes into your body can count when you’re trying to get on top of your immune system. Instead of stopping by the bar, grab a water bottle. Even if you don’t feel like it, hop on the elliptical for half an hour to jump-start your body’s healing abilities. Sleep in a little more for once. All of these things can ensure your health.

Do This:

Find simple ways to exercise if you prefer not to use the gyms on campus. Exercising gets your heart rate going, which can be a big factor in your recovery from the flu or cold.

  1. Use stairs. If given the choice between stairs and an elevator, try to opt for the stairs. Stairs have a surprising amount of hidden benefits.
  2. Walk instead. Weather permitting, walk instead of taking the bus.
  3. Run. Look for any 5K’s and races in your town.
  4. Do yoga. Stress can cause sickness to linger, and yoga can have a big impact on how long you’re sick for.

Written by Susie Fox, Peer Educator

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