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Whether intentional or not, not-so great things can happen to you at any moment. This can be especially true during the weekend. With so many things to occupy your mind, it can sometimes feel difficult to address certain issues and ensure the safety of yourself and others. In the bedroom though, one should strive for protection because the consequences could be heavy. Here are some tips to better prepare you:

Watch This:

Jessica Ladd gives a TED talk presentation ont how badly an STI or STD could hinder your future. With the thought of having kids and the potentiality of health problems, it is pivotal to do everything you can to stay safe. Ladd explains that having that needed discussion with a partner and those close to us can lead to it being a more accepted topic and has the opportunity to lead to an STD free generation.

Read This:

In the reading below, there is a list provided of the differences between STIs and STDs.

Do This:

Here is a list of easy tips to help prevent STDs and STIs, and what to do if you should contract them.

  1. Use Protection. Seems simple enough right? Yet not enough people do it. Remember male and female latex condoms during vaginal, anal, or oral sex.
  2. Get tested. Another great way to check your health is to check your status. Knowledge is power, find out if you have anything to be concerned about after each new sexual partner.
  3. Tell your Partner. If you happen to contract an STD or STI, even though it may be an awkward conversation, tell them so that they can be aware and get tested themselves.
  4. Be Abstinent. The only way to 100% prevent contracting STDs or STIs is to not have sex at all. While not necessarily the most realistic, it is the only way that can completely prevent contracting a disease or infection.

Written by Emily Cooley, Peer Educator