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With finals fast approaching, schoolwork can seem overwhelming and tiring. Monday’s bring with them class, meetings, and daily tasks that you may have mistakenly put off this past weekend. Waking up early, leaving your room, and maintaining your schedule can prove to be difficult during these final days of the year but, by starting off your day with our exciting and entertaining bits and pieces, you can begin to Master Mondays. This week’s topic is studying, below we have accumulated a list of pieces.

  Watch This:

In the attached video provided by the Counseling Services Center P2Ps, presenter Collin discusses how to beat procrastination. Things like developing a sleep schedule, avoiding procrastination, and list making help make this piece comprehensible. With fun visuals the quick video is both helpful and entertaining. Best parts include developing a studying schedule.

Read This:

While the science behind these tips could be questionable, the fact of the matter is these tips will definitely help most. With things like avoiding highlighters and using sleep as a brain function definitely ring true. The list also holds some funny pictures and gifs that will make reading enjoyable. One of the best parts about the article is in discussing that multitasking actually ends up being multi-distracting.

Do This: Quick Tips To Set Up The Perfect Workspace

  1. Clean up your workspace. Clutter can not only mess up physical space, it can mess with your mind.
  2. Make your chair comfortable. While studying in your bed has proven difficult at best, ensuring you have a comfortable chair can come in handy.
  3. Snack healthily, throughout. Make some trail mix or fill a cup of fruit in the dining hall before sitting down for studying.
  4. Keep water on your desk. While drinking tea or coffee can be good in moderation, water is the key to success. Not only has thirst been proven connected to hunger, it is also something that can be distracting.
  5. Listen to music, but quietly. By creating a serene work station with acoustic or instrumental, warm tracks you can help make yourself feel at home and enhance concentration.
  6. Ditch the distractions. Before sitting, put your phone and other devices out of your reach. If you don’t need your computer, then turn it off.
  7. Keep something to occupy your hands. With stress balls and silly putty, you can keep your hands busy and your mind focused.

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Riley Ackley, Peer Educator