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There are morning people and there are Monday people, but, if you’re anything like 99% of the world’s population; you are neither. Dealing with the stress of Mondays can be hard. But, with some new ideas and information under your belt, you can become one step closer to Mastering Mondays.

Watch This:

In the video below, CNN covers stories of synthetic drug use in areas across the United States. Simplified and easy to understand, this video is a quick and painless way to learn about Synthetic Drugs and some of its effects. Certainly one of the best places to start, this video will help you grasp the constantly evolving discussion of synthetic drug usage across the world.

Read This:

Building off of the video above, the link below provides symptoms of synthetic drug abuse and overdose. These telling signs, while not entirely inclusive or definitive are good places to start when determining whether or not someone is abusing a synthetic. Like the video, it is a simple and easy read.

Do This:

We are all aware of the concept of peer pressure and everyone thinks that no one can ever affect them. But here are some tips to avoid some fatal traps:

  1. Practice saying no. If the word always seems to escape you, try to start off with something small such as saying it to your dog when he begs for another treat.
  2. Take yourself out of that environment. Finding and surrounding yourself with people that you strongly believe will set you up to succeed is a great step to avoid harmful behaviors.
  3. Talk to someone. Be it a friend or an advisor. Taking advantage of your support networks is a must. Don’t be afraid to seek help.
  4. Consider the future. Always think about the consequence of your actions and remember that even short term events can have long term effects.
  5. Understand that the misperception that “Everyone’s doing it” is not a reason to participate in anything.

Researched by Xaria Anderson, Peer Educator

Photo Cred:Synthetic drugs