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So you’ve heard a little bit about the Lifestyles Center. You may have even attended our first Open Mic last week…but what are we all about? What is it we do? Who is we? It’s about time we get acquainted! The Lifestyles Center is your center for accurate health information and fun events/programs that educate you on alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, general health, and violence prevention!

Watch This: LSC video

At the very least you probably know the Lifestyles Center by our snazzy Toilet Talks which are displayed in bathrooms stalls around campus for your viewing pleasure. Toilet Talk is written by our Toilet Talk task assignment made up of our Peer Educators. Toilet Talk focuses on health topics relevant to college students. Toilet Talk is composed of a Did You Know section (positive social norms/stats/general info on topic), a Live a Laker Green Life (eco friendly tip), a What Are You Doing This Weekend? section that has weekend events, a quote & pun section relating to the topic, and lastly a left and right column section which includes sub topics and resources. Below is our LSC promo Toilet Talk, our first of Fall 2016. Read This:


Do This:

There’s events you should attend if you want to have TONS of fun this semester with our LSC family.

  1. Follow us! To know what the LSC family is up to you should first follow us on social media to get all of our updates! LSC has a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Twitter=@LSC_Oswego         Facebook: Lifestyles Center, SUNY Oswego        Instagram: OzLSC
  2. Look for our Outreach Wagon! Our Red Outreach Wagon is always stocked with hand sanitizer and chapstick to handout as giveaways if you choose to participate in our Peer Eds playing games about the topic of the week or handing out great information and resources. We go out for an hour four days a week!
  3. Attend Open Mic! Open Mic takes place most Thursdays at the Lake Effect Cafe or outside Penfield Library in the Quad! Come perform and bring your friends, it starts at 7pm. It’s an awesome alternative to other events going on that night.

Written by Suzanne Campbell, Toilet Talk/Blog/Social Media Graduate Assistant