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Welcome back everyone! It is day one of the “Spring” 2016 academic semester. For those of you who picked up on the use of my quotes, you may also be asking yourself the same question as I: Where is this “spring” universities speak of? With winter in full swing and colder weather fast approaching- even if we are granted short brevities of warmth, it can seem like an endless time of cold wind and blizzards. Here are some ways to stay safe this winter:

Watch This:

Attached is a great video on how to stay healthy during the coldest months. Everything ranging from making sure that even if it’s too cold to go to the gym, you’re still stretching is essential parts to YouTuber stylemeFIT’s routine. Check out the video and do some of your own research and adapting to her tips to make sure that you’re staying active no matter the weather.

Read This:

In the article below, CNN offers some contention to well-regarded winter myths. From our grandparents or mothers and fathers, chances are that you have picked up some more peculiar options in “protecting” yourself during the coldest months of the year. However, like any information given, it should be fact checked. Find out if what you always thought was true or, if perhaps it was false. Some great inclusions like that you lose a disproportionate amount of heat from cold hand rather than your head, are great debunks.

Do This:

  1. Limit Caffeine Intake. Because caffeine tightens and constricts blood vessels, large amounts of coffee and tea can lead to feet not getting the blood they need to stay warm.
  2. Avoid Cotton. Once wet, cotton becomes a foots’ worst enemy. Not only does it not dry in the cold, it will also remain at a low temperature. Damp and cold are two things you don’t want your feet to be.
  3. Pair Base Layers With Another Thicker One. Even the thickest socks can lead to cold feet. To prevent this, place a base layer of thin socks underneath larger, stocky ones. This will keep your feet content and safe.
  4. Keep Spares. You may look kind of crazy, but pulling a spare pair of socks out of your bag can help you stave off all of the cold feelings brought on by wet footwear. In a pinch these socks can be a great alternative to hand wear, too. If your hands are especially cold or you forget your mittens, put some socks on your hands and get to class comfortably.
  5. Ignore Your Phone. Yeah it’s great that you’re a fast responder, but when the temperatures drop to such low degrees, it’s important to maintain your wellbeing. First, heat escaping your body through your hands is wasteful. Not only will they become cold, but your entire body’s temperature will drop as well. Unless you have touch screen-friendly gloves, simply keep your hands gloved to avoid all of the harmful things that the cold can do to your skin.
  6. Utility Over Fashion! It’s really great to pick out the prettiest knit socks that you can find, but unless they keep your feet warm, they probably serve little purpose. Choose to wear clothing in the winter that is warm and thick, rather than beautiful and slick.

Written by Riley Ackley, Editorial Peer Mentor

Photo Cred: Tug Hill