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Oswego winters are always rough! Being right on the lake makes everything extra icy and cold. You may already know this from the blizzard warning Oswego had during finals week! So to prepare you for the next winter storm, we will be focusing on a survival guide for the well-known Oswego winter.

Read This:

        This article provides us with the perfect insight on how to keep yourself healthy during the winter season. The first tip is to stock up! Make sure you are prepared way before you are actually sick! You should have all different types of cold and cough medicines. You also want to make sure you have tissues at all time because no one wants to have a runny nose with nothing to clean it with. Yuck! Hand sanitizer is also an awesome thing to carry around so you can prevent yourself from getting germs. The outreach wagon always brings out little bottles of hand sanitizer so make sure you go out of your way to talk to them!

        It’s important to drink lots of water, eat right, and exercise. Just minor things can have such a positive impact on your health and can prevent sickness. Remember, “The best way to fight a cold is to not get one.”

        Plus, worse case scenario, if you ever get sick you can visit the Mary Walker Health Center. If you don’t want to make an appointment you can walk right in and check off all of the symptoms you have on a sheet of paper during walk-in hours. That way, the health center can give you the medicine you need and you won’t have to go out of you way to Wal-Mart.

Watch This:

        Here are some winter hacks that can help you survive the cold winter weather anywhere at anytime. Whether it’s wearing a few extra layers or finding out ways to melt ice off of your car, this is the video to help you out! Park your car facing east with the compass app that is on your phone. This way the rising sun will melt the heat off of your car. You can also put socks or any cover on your windshield wipers to protect them against any winter storm if you know it is coming. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should always moisturize. Chap stick or Vaseline can help you with dry lips. Moisturizing cream can be put on your hands overnight to keep them soft! Remember to always keep yourself busy too so you aren’t completely bored over the long break.

Do This:

        Most importantly of all, spend time with your family. Here are just a few things you can do to enjoy some of the last years that you’ll have living at home with your mom and dad or relative/friend:

  1.    Relive old memories: Pull out the family picture albums or watch old films. I know my family recorded tons of things that my sisters and I did when we were growing up. So go out of your way to find those old memories and pull them up on the big screen.
  2.    Volunteer: There are so many opportunities to volunteer! Help out at the Soup Kitchen or a local animal shelter. Even make a few donations! It’s supposed to be a giving season. So do your very best to make a difference with the people you love.
  3.    Skyzone: Jump around at a trampoline park! There are always fun recreational games inside like dodge ball. This is a great way to spend an hour or two with your family.
  4.    Check out Christmas lights: Drive around for a bit and see how everyone decorated their houses’. Sometimes there are even Christmas light displays in certain places within your area. You might have to pay a little extra cash but the view is definitely worth it!
  5.    Ice skate: Enjoy some hot chocolate and do something you can only do in the winter.  
  6.    Go outside: Try sledding or building a snowman like the good old days!
  7.    Watch a movie/TV series: Winter is the perfect time to stay cozy and warm. Try to get into a TV series that your entire family can watch once a week. It’ll be something minor everyone can bond on.
  8.    Play board games: Get competitive! Board games are never taken advantage of nowadays but they’re always a great time.
  9.    Cook together: Bake some sweets! My family and I have a giant cookie party every winter break. So try to spend a day to make some of your favorite Holiday dishes.

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