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Sexual assault on college campuses has been a prevalent issue for generations now. Recently there has been even more of a focus on awareness and prevention.  This week, Mastering Monday is all about encouragement, and knowing it’s okay to speak out and receive help.

Watch This:

Trigger warning: the first video depicts women telling their stories of surviving sexual assault.  Hearing what they have to say can be triggering for some people, so please skip over it if you are not comfortable. The important part is this: know you’re not alone.

Instead, or in addition to, check this out!  Laci Green is a YouTuber who talks about important social issues in her videos in a series titled Sex +.  This one is all about consent. She explains how important consent is.  Actually, it’s not just important; it’s mandatory!

Read This:

Read this quick article from Safehorizon.  It defines sexual assault and rape, and gives some startling statistics about them.  They say “most victims of rape or sexual assault are females younger than 24 years of age.”  That’s the college age demographic.  The article also lists ways to get help, and provides an option to donate to the No More campaign, if you’re so inclined.–sexual-assault-54.html?gclid=CJfW2quX-ccCFYVCaQodEFUORA

Do This:

Speak out!  The only way to bring an end to sexual assault is to bring awareness to the atrocity that is sexual assault and rape.  Obtaining consent is no small matter. It is the only way to be sexually responsible! Besides that, here’s a quick list of things you can do when it comes to sexual assault.

1.     Help out!  If you see a potentially dangerous situation and you think someone might be in trouble, don’t be afraid to step in! Be an active bystander! More often than not, the person you’re helping will be grateful for your concern.

2.     Know your resources!  There are plenty of help lines for survivors, and there’s dozens of charitable movements who want to help bring an end to sexual assault.

3.     Be supportive!  If someone confides in you that they were assaulted, do not write it off and belittle them.  They trust you enough to tell you what happened to them; don’t ruin it by telling them to ignore it.

Oh, and, in case you forgot…

4.     Speak up!

5.     Get consent!

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