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Times have been hard, given our two presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It’s so easy to think about what could’ve been. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could go back to the simpler times? The days where every residence hall, Village townhouse, and off campus housing was riddled with BERNIE 2016 stickers? Is the Reign of Bernie truly, finally over?

Let’s bring the Sandman back. A go-getter grandpa with the heart of an elderly lion and the wallet of a middle-class college student is ideal for a country with a spending problem we can all relate to. We seem to have already forgotten about our old hero, with only our bumper stickers that were a “good idea at the time” to remind us of the future we could have had, together. Tragedy, to say the least.

What would life have been like had Bernie’s supporters actually stepped out of their residence hall and voted for him? Well, for starters, if his promise of a free college education for all followed through, then people of all socioeconomic standings could finally go to college. That means you!!! Sure, a relevant college degree is already such a major requirement for many entry-level jobs that if everyone had the opportunity to go to college, the standard would rise to the point where we would all have to receive knighthood to work in the mailroom. But FREE COLLEGE! If college was declared no-charge under Bernie, you would find me sitting on the cracked sidewalk outside Bernie Sanders’s little house, along with millions of others, until we are reluctantly handed our massive refund checks (interest included). I can wait. Can you, Bernie?

If Bernie was elected President of the United States, minimum wage would be raised to fifteen dollars an hour. A bold increase, many argue that a “burger-flipper” should not earn the same as someone who save lives on the daily. Right now, minimum wage in New York State is nine dollars, and there is still a plan to jack it up to fifteen. However, the wage is based on inflation, which continues to rise, along with the cost of living. With Bernie in charge, minimum wage would finally be realistic for the people who depend on it. Oh, Bernie. Where did we go wrong?

Finally, social equality would be further encouraged and enforced, all thanks to Bernie. He promotes kindness and acceptance towards all races, genders, and sexual orientations. He would have gladly been the hill that got the ball of justice rolling. He had so many plans, so many dreams, such as the Every Child Deserves a Family Act and the expansion of Planned Parenthood and the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act. He also demanded the downfall of violence throughout our country. Your campaign ended too soon, Bernie.

This country took a real hit when Bernie’s campaign was finally laid to rest. We didn’t know what we had when we had it, and we let it slip through our youthful yet ignorant fingers. We could’ve had it all, America. We could’ve had it all.


Written and Researched by Susie Fox, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Susie Fox (edited)