Peer Education

peer-educationAre you the expert in your group of friends?

Are you someone that others confide in with their problems?

Maybe you’ve had some life experiences that give you a broader understanding of life and health that could benefit others. Or it’s possible that you just care about health and want to help keep your friends and your community healthy. If any of these describe you, Peer Education could be a great opportunity for you.

As a Peer Educator you could earn up to 6 credits by attending a weekly class, helping at The Lifestyles Center, working at our events, and educating the general student body about different ways they can improve their lifestyle. You can learn all of the details of being a peer ed by reading: What does it mean to be a PE


Notice: The Deadline for Spring 2018 is Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 4pm.peer-ed-ap-download

Why you should be a Peer Ed, from a Peer Ed’s perspective:

“I am spreading awareness to others… Trying to save the world and the people in it one day at a time.”

“Fellowship, bonding, and making connections on campus. Oh, and we get to talk about sex.”

“I love the family we have become and the positive energy we give off!”5

“I’ve met the most amazing people ever. I never would have without being a Peer Educator.”4

“I learn something new everyday and the Lifestyles Center is a place where I feel safe.”

“I love being a Peer Ed because I love to see my friends having fun and making healthy choices!”2

“Lifestyles is a home away from home. Not to mention, there is a lot of free stuff!”1

“It is so much more than just a leadership opportunity and a resume builder.”9

“I love that I can be making a difference on this campus.”

“It’s a place I can be myself without judgement. We have fun and are a team of many with one heart and one goal!”

Interested?  Download and Print a Paper Application.

Contact for more information.




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