Lifestyles Center Blog


Colleen is a first semester peer educator. She is a junior studying Human Development and Expressive Arts Therapy. Colleen loves the wealth of knowledge that the Lifestyles Center has provided her with through the peer educator position. Colleen is a fourth semester RA in Oneida Hall and became a peer educator because she wanted to get involved in other facets of the college, in addition to ResLife. Colleen loves to cook and bake, but cannot do so often because of the nature of living in a residence hall on a college campus. If Colleen were to run into a celebrity in an elevator and ride a few floors with them, she would choose Bill Murray because it would be believable, and she would be honored to have shared space with such an iconic man.

Erin is a fabulous second semester peer educator. She is a sophomore here at Oswego and is studying Adolescent Education, in addition to her Sociology minor. When it comes to the Lifestyles Center, Erin loves the family connection she has made with fellow peer educators. She also loves that the position has allowed her to become a positive influence on campus. In fact, she became a peer educator for just that reason — to be more involved and present on campus. If Erin had the opportunity to live in one city in the world, she would choose New Orleans because she admires the rich culture, specifically the food and music.

Idalis is a soon-to-be graduate (we’ll miss her), and she is a second semester peer educator. Idalis studies Human Development and accompanies her core studies with a minor in Spanish. She loves that the Lifestyles Center is able to educate students on different health topics. She particularly liked the Stress Free Zone sponsored by the Lifestyles Center to promote healthy ways to deal with anxiety and stress. Idalis became a peer educator to meet new people, and become more involved at Oswego. If Idalis had to choose an animal that suits her lifestyle, she would choose a cat because she loves nature, sleeping, eating, and she is a super curious person. She also points out that she has a knack for playfully bugging her family.