Lifestyles Center Blog


Jenna is a strong minded first semester peer educator. She is a second semester sophomore here at SUNY Oswego, and she is majoring in English, and minoring in Business Administration, in addition to Creative Writing. Jenna loves the LifeStyles Center and finds it to be a second home because of the welcoming and motivational presence that surrounds you once you walk into the building; not to mention, the coffee is great! She became a peer mentor because guiding and aiding her peers in healthy lifestyle choices is something she truly enjoys. Strangely enough, jenna defies most college kids and finds extreme pleasure in cleaning everything and anything she can get her hands on. Her favorite foods include chocolate, Sour Patch Kids, and stuffed artichokes!

Marianne is a bubbly first semester peer educator, and a junior here at SUNY Oswego. She is getting a degree in human development and she is minoring in sociology. Marianne’s favorite thing about being a peer educator is the sense of community that comes from the LifeStyles Center. She also loves that everyone is incredibly nice and caring. Marianne chose the path of peer education because this unique position gives her experience with working with college aged students, which is something she ultimately wants to do. In her free time, Marianne enjoys cooking all sorts of things ranging from breakfast foods, to nutritious dinner, and even amazing pies! Cooking is a fun and relaxing hobby for her, and she loves to eat! Her favorite food is cheesy garlic bread, a classic favorite.

Mary is an intelligent second semester freshman, who is currently at the credit and grade standing of a 1st semester sophomore! She is currently double majoring in Childhood Education and Sociology. She loves peer education because she looks forward to and enjoys the positive interactions she gets to experience with her peers, as well as campus staff. Mary joined peer education because she has a goal of making a positive impact on the SUNY Oswego campus. In her free time Mary enjoys watching crime TV shows such as Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU and reading dystopian and paranormal books! Her all time favorite snack is cheesecake.

Mary Kate is an outgoing first semester senior! She is fulfilling her major in Human Development and her minor in Health Science. What Mary Kate enjoys most about peer education is strolling around the campus with the red wagon and activities while informing her peers about a variety of things. She also loves open mic night and the uniqueness that everyone brings to the table. Mary Kate is passionate about living a positive lifestyle; she is a zumba instructor at your on-campus gyms! She hopes that she can share her healthy lifestyle choices with her peers, and hopefully influence them in positive ways. Her hobbies include reading, running, and coloring. Mary Kate admitted she has a major love for just about every cheese out there!