Lifestyles Center Blog


Megan Tuohey is a second semester peer educator who really enjoys working for the Lifestyles Center here at SUNY Oswego! This has been one of her favorite classes and experiences so far on campus, and she encourages anyone and everyone to try it out! Megan is a Junior at SUNY Oswego who is dual majoring. Her two majors are Broadcasting & Mass Communication and Public Justice. Her favorite thing about the Lifestyles Center is Open Mic. She loves relaxing on Thursday nights in Lake Effect Cafe and listening to everyone perform. Megan became a peer educator to get involved on campus. Her favorite thing to do is to hang out with friends and her sorority! Megan also LOVES dogs and will probably have 24 golden retrievers in her lifetime.

Natalie Buck is a first semester peer educator who is dedicated and kind! She takes on multiple leadership roles at Oswego including being an RA. Natalie is also a second semester junior who has both a major and minor. She is majoring in Human Development and has a minor in Health Science. Her favorite thing about the Lifestyles Center is outreach. She particularly enjoys getting creative and making the boards you see on the red wagon! Natalie became a peer educator because she wanted to get more involved in the Oswego community. She likes educating her peers on certain health topics/issues that affect them or the people they know. On top of that, she got internship credit out of becoming a peer ed! Her favorite hobbies include driving at hockey games for Team Mini. On a side note, she also loves dogs! Her favorite types of dogs are miniature schnauzers, australian shepherds, and border collies.

Tyler Danzy is a first semester peer educator who is fun to be around. He is hilarious and loves being a part of the Lifestyles Center family. Tyler is a second semester senior and is graduating in May! He is currently finishing up his Human Development major and is getting first-hand experience in certain health topics/issues as a peer educator. His favorite thing about the Lifestyles Center is the openness and the acceptance. The Lifestyles Center is a comfortable place and welcomes everyone. Open Mic especially encourages people to express themselves! Tyler just really likes this aspect of the Lifestyles Center. Tyler became a peer educator out of curiosity. He also wanted a way to get involved on campus and to make a difference. His favorite hobby is watching movies. He is a huge movie buff and will watch movies of all kinds! On top of that, Tyler also LOVES dogs. His favorites include siberian huskies and pitbulls.