Lifestyles Center Blog


Shakira is a an ambitious senior, graduating this May with a major in Creative Writing. Her favorite thing about the lifestyles center would have to be it’s dynamics. The lifestyles center has numerous benefits for everyone. There’s the crisis center, peer to peer, peer educators, alcohol and drug education. The lifestyles center is also home to outreach, open mic night and toilet talk. She became a peer educator precisely because she wanted a place where she could be of valuable assistance to other students. She came to Oswego as a transfer student her sophomore year and felt extremely lonely. She didn’t know the lifestyles center existed until the end of her first semester of her senior year. As soon as she learned about what being a peer educator is all about she jumped at the opportunity.  Being a peer educator comes with learning, being informative about everything and anything going on around you from time, to politics to health and she believes we all need that one friend that can help us in various areas. In terms of a favorite hobby, Shakira can’t choose between cooking or watching movies. She never says writing because writing is a given. It comes naturally, so it isn’t just a hobby to her.  A random fun fact is that when she applied to transfer to a college away from home SUNY Oswego was the only college she applied to.

Sarah was a Peer Educator for two semesters before becoming a Peer Mentor this semester. She is a senior majoring in Communication and Social Interaction with minors in Creative Writing and Gender Studies. She is dedicated to the LifeStyles Center (LSC) because of everything that it stands for and what it offers to the student body. She loves the way students react when they see a LifeStyles Center Peer Educator because it means they are truly making a positive impact on students. Sarah’s favorite part about being a Peer Educator is tabling and writing for the blog ( She loves tabling because it is a great way to reach a large number of students.  She wrote for the blog for two semesters as a Peer Educator and is now the editor as a Peer Mentor. Sarah loves writing and loves that there is an outlet for her passion at the LifeStyles Center. She is a firm believer that there is a place for anyone at the LifeStyles Center.

Stacy is a vet when it comes to being a peer educator. She was a peer educator for 2 semesters and she is now a second semester senior. She is a Biology major and a Health Science minor. Stacy admires what the LifeStyles Center stands for and the job of the peer educators. She reflects on the challenges of approaching a stranger and educating them about different health related issues. But she says, “when one is motivated and has a goal to reach, everything is possible.” For Stacy outreaching has become a lifestyle. Though she is no longer a peer-educator, there is not a single day when she doesn’t reflect the peer-educator inside of her. For Stacy, being part of the LSC team allows her to meet people that share her passion for educating others about health, but it also makes her feel as if she is apart of a new family where she can be herself; where she knows she will be heard and supported. She loves singing and dancing, making listening to music. Now, as the Open Mic Peer Mentor, she can celebrate my hobby with the LifeStyles Center. The peer educator program allowed her to grow personally and academically.  For example, due to the fact that assignments were assigned throughout the semester, it helped her to learn how to balance time and how to learn how to respond to unpredictable situations. Being a peer mentor gives Stacy the opportunity to help and see current peer educators become such amazing leaders; to give back what she has received from the peer educator program.