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So as you may or may not know ALANA kicks off their ALANA Week: 30th Annual Diamond in the Rough Leadership conference with their very popular and sold out ALANA Fashion Show on Saturday, September 17th. That is tomorrow! Don’t fret if you didn’t snag tickets, there is an abundance of other events to attend to support, enjoy, and appreciate our diversity here on our SUNY Oswego campus. Other events are as follows from September 17th-September 24th.

Sunday, September 18th:

-6th Annual Unity Peace Walk at 3pm, leaving City Hall in Downtown Oswego.

-Brazil Cultural Festival is at 6pm in the MCC food court.

Monday, September 19th:

-Keynote Speaker- Niall Pope** Leadership Development and Personal Growth within a Global and Diverse World! This event takes place at 7pm  in MCC auditorium room 132.

Tuesday, September 20th:

-I, Too, Am Study Abroad** Off the Beaten Path at 12:20pm MCC room 133.

-Black Violin Concert to perform at 7:30pm in Waterman Theatre, Tyler Hall from at 7:30pm. Tickets required, $5 for SUNY Oswego students.

Wednesday, September 21st:

-A Deeper Understanding: Making sense of the Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman Case and YOU, Through the Lens of Racial Identity Development Models taking place in MCC room 114 at 12:40pm.

-ALANA Academic Leadership Quest** at 6pm in MCC auditorium room 132.

Thursday, September 22nd:

-Collections of Expressions event from 6:30pm-8:30pm in MCC auditorium room 132.

Friday, September 23rd:

-Alumni Student Leadership Panel at 4:15pm in MCC room 114.

-Presenters Reception- Everyone Welcome at 5:15pm in MCC hearth lounge.

Saturday, September 24th:

-ALANA Banquet Gala** at 6:30pm (when dinner is served) in Sheldon Ballroom, tickets are required, $10 for SUNY Oswego students.

For more information go to ALANAS lakerlife page and read the news below:

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Compiled by Suzanne Campbell, Toilet Talk/Blog/Social Media Graduate Assistant

Photo Cred: Suzanne Campbell