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We have all heard the usual summer list: drink a lot of water, go on a hike, ride a boat, ride your bike, etc. While all of that is good and well, I think it is time to spice up your ideas with a new summer bucket list. I have come up with a list of things that will connect you better with yourself and the world. Before you leave on break, think about planning on doing these things before coming back in August:

  1. Have a summer solstice celebration. Those who feel a spiritual connection with the earth often celebrate the summer solstice, otherwise known as literally the longest day of the year. Show your appreciation for our beautiful planet by celebrating sunlight. The summer solstice is June 21st!
  2. Plant a garden. Even if it is only a few herbs or a cucumber plant, having a garden can teach you a lot about yourself. You learn to care for something from the time it is a seed until it is fully grown. Eating a tomato that you grew yourself is so rewarding (and free)! If you don’t have your own land look into community gardens where you can apply for your own plot. Boost that community spirit!
  3. Take a midnight road trip. How many times have you seen the sunrise and in how many places? Gather up a couple of your friends or go by yourself to the prettiest place you can think of that is less than 5 hours away. Leave your house at midnight and you will be watching the sunrise at your destination.
  4. Learn to read the night sky. Learning the constellations will help you understand the universe better. There are even apps that can help you now! Check out this website for the ten best stargazing apps:
  5. Take an impromptu road trip. Do not even pick a destination, just go! Discovering new places can help you discover yourself. No GPS allowed (until you have to find your way home). If you don’t own a car or cannot afford to rent a car, think of alternatives such as pitching in for gas with a friend or a train ticket perhaps.
  6. Fill a coloring book. Coloring has recently been proven to have therapeutic qualities. Whether it is a puppies and kittens coloring book from the dollar store or one of those fancy adult coloring books, try to fill the whole thing by the end of the summer. It will be more satisfying than you think.
  7. Create a recipe. Do NOT use the internet. Explore your cooking skills by thinking up something that you think would taste good and make it! If it is not a tasty as you would have liked, try again another time and keep tweaking it until it is perfect. By the end of the summer, you will have a recipe that is all yours.
  8. Write a song or a poem (or anything, really). Writing from your heart will result in a beautiful piece of art for you to admire. If you like it enough, you can share it with others! It is also good to keep up with writing during the summer so you do not lose all of your skills by the time school comes back around. You may even turn it into something you display in your room.
  9. Spend a day completely alone. Wake up early, pick an adventure and leave before anyone tries to talk to you. Bring your cellphone in case of an emergency but leave it off unless you absolutely need it. Go to your favorite place, try something new, or just go with the flow.
  10. Have a day of favorites. Eat your favorite foods, watch all of your favorite movies and listen to all of your favorite songs. Go to your favorite places and talk to your favorite people. Read your favorite book and wear your favorite outfit. It will be a day to celebrate your life and yourself. There is no way it will be a bad day.

Written by Sarah Pasquarelli, Sarah Pasquarelli

Photo Cred: Aaron Lee, Graphic Artist