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Marijuana is one of the most talked about drugs on Earth. It is glorified for its “natural” properties, while in reality; just because it comes from the Earth it does not mean that it is. Most marijuana users do not realize where their weed comes from and that it could be laced with different drugs too. There are far better and far safer ways to have the same effects as “getting high” does, without smoking. Here are some of those ways:

  1. Meditating. It is good for you and will help you relax, which is just one of its many side effects. While relaxation is typically associated with marijuana, this safe alternative is legal and calming. Meditating helps you relieve your mind and relax your body.
  2. Listen to some trippy music. This may seem like a weird tip, but music can actually release endorphins when listened to. You know that feeling you get when you get goosebumps on your arm, from your favorite song? Well those are the endorphins rushing throughout your body. Personally, my favorite genre of music to put me in a good mood is the Beatles, Sublime, and Bob Marley. Their music is slow and melodic, making it really easy to relax too.
  3. Drink some tea. Another way to enter a relaxing state of mind is to drink some tea. A specific type of tea that is known to help aid in relaxation is chamomile tea. This ground up flower helps fight anxiety and is also known as a mild sedative. This will help you unwind from a hard day of classes and life. Another good drink to try is Bob Marley tea; it has chamomile, lemon balm, hops, passion flower, and valerian root which all are well- known relaxing herbs.
  4. Go for a run/ walk: You may think to yourself, why would working out make you feel relaxed? Well, good question. While you are running, you release endorphins which help bust stress and free your mind and muscles. This will make you feel like you are on cloud nine after you are done with your workout. Plus, the smile resulting from feeling accomplished will feel great! They don’t call it a runner’s high for nothing!
  5. Coloring: This may sound childish but this is also a great way to relax (unless you are like me who gets annoyed when they color outside of the lines). Coloring helps in relaxing because you do not really think about what you’re doing, you just color. Using adult coloring books not only helps with focus and relaxation, it also gives you a great new piece of wall art when you’re done.

Written by Emily Cooley, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Music