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In college, we strive to look for opportunities to grow and not only learn in class but join clubs, organizations, internships, job that will extend our area of knowledge. Peer Education through us, the LSC Center is an experience that is literally priceless to take part in! Being a Peer Educator is a position that involves taking a 3 credit class and applying health topics in hands on ways to the campus community. While PE is not an internship it is a worthwhile experience for those in Health Science, Human Development, Psychology, major/minors and more!

LSC purpose/goal:

“Lifestyles Center Peer Educators are Oswego State students who promote campus social and educational environments consisting of lower-risk choices, and who reflect the attitudes, behaviors and values of healthy lifestyles. Peer Educators are trained to facilitate on-campus as well as off-campus workshops and programs that deal with alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, general wellness, or violence-related issues including sexual assault and rape.” -As stated in the Lifestyles Center Peer Education Syllabus Fall 2016.

For the class portion of the PE experience you will:

  • Be involved in pre-semester training in order to become a “Certified Peer Educator”
  • Attend a 2 hr class each week, where you will learn about the health topic for that week.
  • Be required to complete journals each week as well as a final reflection paper.
  • Keep track of your hours for all PE activities/responsibilities.

For the experience based portion of PE you will:

  • Be involved in a task assignment (Toilet Talk, Blog, or outreach)
  • Be required to do outreach with your outreach group on specific topic each week for 1 hour
  • Attend open mic, Jungle Jam, Stride to Save Lives, other programs/events put on by LSC
  • Attend conferences and trainings to further your knowledge in Health and Wellness
  • Office management

These experiences will add up to the 120 hours needed to fulfill a three credit course.

Benefits of being a PE:

  • Team Environment (you’ll be one of a 10-15 group team!)
  • Broaden your knowledge of health topics affecting the college population
  • You get to represent a center that has a ton of resources to help the student body.
  • Being a leader (maybe you facilitate a One Love escalation workshop or Bystander Intervention Training).
  • Credits that are directly linked to hands on experiences

Want to be one of the PE’s of the LSC center?

The application for Spring 2017 is due October 21st, 2016 at 4pm. Below is the link to our PE page where you can download the app! Fill out the application and return it to us with references, then we will interview you for a position.

Be a Peer Educator!

Written by Suzanne Campbell, Toilet Talk/Blog/Social Media Graduate Assistant