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Although its rare to see a person acting totally outrageous and doing all of the wrong things at the gym, that still doesn’t mean there isn’t at least one person who lacks “gym etiquette.” If you follow these simple rules, it would be guaranteed that you will have perfect “gym etiquette”

  • Respect the headphones. feel free to talk to others, but people who have their headphones in are basically saying “do not disturb”.
  • Do your share. Please make sure you wipe the machines down after you use them. No one needs to have your germs laying around.
  • Please remember to put the weights back where they belong.
  • Try to arrive 5 minutes early or on time for classes. Especially so you can choose a spot without disturbing the others around you.
  • Remember not to judge people, some people are already putting themselves out there by going to the gym, they don’t need the extra set of eyes telling they them that they may be doing something wrong by your standards. If you want to be polite and help, do so but silently judging won’t help anybody
  • Try to avoiding dropping weights. This can be extremely distracting to others not to mention startling.
  • Please use deodorant. Enough said.

If you follow a few simple rules people won’t refer you as the “gym jerk”

If you want to find out whether or not you have gym etiquette click the link below:

Xaria Anderson, Peer Educator