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While photographs and MTV-like media may tell a different story, the vast majority of college students spend spring break, well… at home. They pack their bags and more than likely hop onto a bus or into a car and head to their parents’ house. Perhaps they grew up there, and perhaps other friends will be there waiting when they get home. But one thing is for certain, the grandeur of glossy movie star version of spring break is mostly untrue. So, for those of us headed back to our hometowns, here are some tips:

Have a “classic” movie night. One of the most entertaining things to do at home is to actually escape, with friends into the world of glossy movie stars and incredible feats. Grab some popcorn, some healthy snacks, and chill out with some friends and watch any type of genre you would like. For horror fans, there is no better time to watch than spring time. For fans of comedy, brighten up your cold, Upstate New York springs with some lighthearted laughing. And if you’ve missed them, catch up on some Academy Award nominees!

Begin the search for internships. While nothing may sound less entertaining than looking into future, most likely unpaid, employment but internships are the key to future success and their obtaining is sure to set you a part from future applicants.

Spend “quality time with your family.” As corny as it sounds, these are the best years of your life to spend with your parents and siblings. Old enough to have real conversations and young enough to find the fun in everything, right now is the right time to be building relationships with the people who are supposed to matter most. This is all without mentioning the fact that further down the road, when you are actually on the road, you will have less time to spend with them.

PETS. Sometimes, the best thing in the world is to sit down and enjoy some time with the animals around you. Make the most out of your time home by cuddling with your favorite dog or cat because the relaxing tone that pets create could do us all some good!

Play catch up on your favorites. With all the work that goes into college and studying, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with your favorite shows. Well, spring break is the perfect time to sit down and absorb all the content you’re missing out on. During commercials spend the time doing small exercises to help justify the “binging” you are about to do.

No matter what you are doing this spring break, the important thing to keep in mind is to get all of your work done before the break so that during the break you can relax. So while the days approach, don’t forget to work hard and finish out the stretch.


Riley Ackley – Peer Educator