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Throughout the year many students experience one common thing: homesickness. Being homesick involves everything that you may miss while on campus. It can be as simple as missing your bed, a pet, a view from your bedroom window, or music blasting in the distance.

Here are some tips to help you on your journey this academic year…

  1. Bring a few cherished items from home. Try to bring a couple, various items from home to help you settle in. While not a permanent move, making sure that you have some things to make your dorm as homey as possible is important to your comfort. Bring enough to refocus the stress that can come from missing home.
  2. Call family. While distancing yourself can feel like the adult thing to do, maintaining connections for your own ease, as well as your parents is a big part of staving off the homesick blues.  Calling family can seem like a simple and unhelpful solution, but the benefits of it are worth it!
  3. Get involved. Keeping yourself occupied with things that you enjoy doing is key. Join a club, sport, or other activity to meet people and occupy your down time. You could even take your free time as an opportunity to get involved in your community.
  4. Reach out. Talk to your neighbors, a friend, or even a professor/hall director to help get things off your mind. You would be surprised as to who is going through the same thing that you are. Remember, many students are experiencing similar situations and distances from family as you are. You can help someone just as much as they will help you.
  5. Keep a daily journal. Letting your thoughts flow through written records can be a comforting way to release tension in your mind.

Taking steps to combat homesickness is another way to prevent the depression that may result if homesickness wins. Most of those individuals who attempt or complete suicide suffer from depression and isolation.  

Written by Jaydee Maldonado, Peer Educator

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