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Whether it’s an exam, a group project, or a major paper, we all seem to have something due during this time of the semester. Along with learning how to cope with the craziness in the right way, here are some things you could be doing wrong:

  • Being your own worst enemy

While it’s important to keep yourself motivated, criticizing yourself too much can backfire. Try to stay positive. If you think that you will fail, then you just might. Create a realistic plan of attack for the project/exam, and KEEP CALM!

  • Making no time for enjoyable things

Focusing on the assignment is always good but putting all your energy into it isn’t. Make some time for breaks and do stuff that makes you happy. Listen to music and relax, spend time with friends or take a walk outside. This time away from your work can help your brain process all the information and lead to better quality assignments.

  • Pulling an all-nighter

It might be tempting to just skip the sleep for extra hours of studying or writing, but the cons outweigh the pros. When you’re tired, your work will show it. Your body needs sleep and especially the night before a test. Cramming isn’t worth missing the hours of snoozing. Do all the work you can then go to bed at a reasonable hour. Your brain will thank you for it!


Emily Klingbeil, Peer Educator