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As the pressures of school and work become overwhelming, sometimes it can be hard to make sure that you’re eating healthy. So, if you feel like that you are not eating healthy and don’t not where to start, We have compiled a list of small changes that you can make to your diet to make it healthier. With these small changes in tow, the sluggish feeling you get from eating poorly will fade away as your body begins to feel better overall. The list is full of small and creative ideas to stay healthy.

  1. Go grocery shopping on Friday afternoon. For those people who are off-campus living/commuters, this is an important tip. While seemingly a bit weird to do, buying groceries on Friday will make you less likely to eat out on the weekends and will ensure that you have food throughout the week and weekend. A bonus is that you will miss the crowds that usually happen on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  2. Eat your vegetables first. This may sound like your mother’s favorite saying, but eating your vegetables first will really help you in the long run. Eating your vegetables then your protein and then carbs will make sure you don’t fill up on carbs and starches, while also making sure that you will get the nutrients of your greens.
  3. Eat snacks from a bowl. I know it’s a hassle to dirty a bowl just for snacks that already come from a bag, but when you eat from a prepackaged product, your brain doesn’t give you a signal as to when you’re full. However, by placing it into a bowl, you limit the amount you can intake.
  4. Flavor your food with spices instead of salt. When adding more salt to your food, you could give yourself adverse effects. If you consume more salt than the daily value (1,500- 2,300 mg) it could make for a higher risk of having hypertension (high blood pressure). Some alternative to salts could be garlic or chili powder.
  5. Switch out one drink a day for green tea. People may not be fond of tea, but green tea is actually known to help boost your metabolism. It has fewer calories than soda, juice, and coffee, while also being toxic free.
  6. Wait 20 minutes before deciding to get more. This is a critical step in maintaining a healthy diet. If you’re like me; eating fast is second nature. But, this comes with a plethora of problems, including the fact that it prevents you from feeling full right away. If you give your body time to tell you you’re full then you are less likely to eat more.

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Written By Emily Cooley, Peer Educator

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