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Thinking of going to another school and attending an end of the year festival? Thinking of going out with your friends this weekend to enjoy the last bits of college before summer? How do you want to spend that time? It doesn’t always involve drinking.

Yes, day festivals or parties like “MayFest” in Syracuse might come your way. You might be surrounded by alcohol galore. But, trust me, you don’t have to succumb to the peer pressure your friends constantly give you. It’s when you decide to stay in instead of going out. When you decide to miss parties you’re invited to just to watch netflix. It’s when you put school work ahead of your social life because you did come here for a sole purpose: Education. Trust me, it’s not a bad thing to avoid drinking or to say “no” to some of your best pals.

We have all been there. We’ve all given in. But, at some point in time we’ve also said no. So here is what you can do if you still want to enjoy a day party with your friends without the peer pressure thrown your direction every 15 minutes.

Fake Drink.

Literally just grab a cup or even bring a water bottle. Tell everyone it’s filled with alcohol and just casually drink your non-alcoholic water. No one will bug you. Especially when people get tipsy, they will never notice the difference.

Drink Caffeine or Energy Drinks.

Stay awake! Your friends might have some juice in their system but you can still keep up with them sober! If you’re feeling tired or don’t have the best energy, just bring some red bull or caffeine with you. Plus you will blend in with the crowd more if you have any drink/cup in your hand.

Embrace the food.

Who cares about drinking?! If you’re at a fun day festival, GET SOME GRUB. Live off the fried dough and extravagant food around  you. Food is the best thing in life.

Say “No” like you mean it.

Be repetitive. Stick to your word. Don’t cave in. Just make sure you say “no” strongly enough that your friends get the picture.

Don’t make it a big deal.

If someone asks you to drink with them, just say “no.” Don’t go off on them telling them why you aren’t drinking. Strangers won’t want to deal with that. Neither will your friends want to hear your rant 100x. Just be polite and try to change the subject.

Buddy system.

Find a pal who really doesn’t feel like drinking either. Sober friends are fun. You two can spend the day people-watching and dealing with fun friendly drunk people.
Written and Researched by Peer Educator, Megan Tuohey

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