Lifestyles Center Blog


Every semester, something goes around campus. Whether you get it or not is not up to you. However, there are certainly things that you can do to help stave off the plagues of Oswego. Whether your friends are sick, or more importantly the person (or people) you live with get it, doing these things can help prevent whether or not you end up with it.

  1. Lysol everything: Most supermarkets and department stores sell Clorox wipes, Lysol, or off-brand cleaning products. This simple, five second fix will help prevent you from getting sick. Wipe down doorknobs, handles, and anything else your roommate may have touched that you may also end up touching. Offer them wipes to clean up the things you won’t be touching as well. The more things that are clean, the less likely it is that the germs will spread.
  2. Have your roommate use hand sanitizer when touching shared items: When you or your roommate is sick, expect the television to be on. But don’t expect it to be germy. Have your roommate use hand sanitizer before touching items like the remote.
  3. Don’t be sick too: If your roommate is bed-ridden or unable to go out and do outgoing activites, don’t adopt similar habits. Make sure that you are allowing yourself to be out and about. Being cooped up in a dorm isn’t good for anyone.
  4. Offer to pick them up a sick tray: The dining hall offers a service in which one roommate may pick up a meal if that roommate is too sick to get it. Not only is this good for others who don’t want to be around your sick roommate, but you’ll also be helping your roommate out!
  5. Give yourself (and your roommate) space: Your roommate may be sick but you’re not. Let your roommate chill out in the room while you spend time elsewhere. The peace and quiet will help them get better and your less likely to get exposed to any nasty colds. Plus, no one wants to be trapped in a stuffy room. Limit your time there to only a necessary level.

Riley Ackley, Peer Educator