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Recently, our small city of Oswego has started to become a little more progressive. However, while any change towards acceptance is important, it is a slow process to change this town’s attitude regarding members of the LGBTQ+ community. How have we been able to speed up the process? We held our first Gay Pride parade in Oswego just two years ago, on October 11th, 2014, following the lead of many other cities that have gone through a similar transition towards overall love and acceptance towards people of all sexualities.

There are several towns in the United States that have set an excellent example for smaller, more conservative towns like Oswego. If we strive to become more progressive, we can help a greater variety of people feel comfortable in their own skin. Here are a few towns near Oswego which have set the pace for gay pride:

Rochester, New York (located 1hr 20min from Oswego)

Rochester hosts major events such as Ride for Pride, Big Queer Prom, and finally, Rochester Pride, which is the largest New York Gay Pride event north of New York City. This year was Rochester’s 27th annual Rochester Pride.

Cambridge, Massachusetts (located 5hr 20min from Oswego)

Cambridge works hard to take care of its LGBTQ+ population. Its Seniors Health Care Project and Seniors Housing Project work hard for equality for LGBTQ+ seniors. Cambridge also are trying harder accommodate to its transgender community with gender-neutral bathrooms. This kind of active human rights committee is a great role model for small cities like Oswego.

Provincetown, Massachusetts (located 7hr 10min from Oswego; 2hr 20min from Cambridge)

A little further from Oswego, but definitely worth the drive, Provincetown is a colorful little town on the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The town is considered the ideal vacation spot for all of LGBTQ+, with new events happening every day, including Holly Folly, a carnival celebrating the community, as the main attraction of the summer. To feel completely surrounded by acceptance, take a weekend and visit Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Oswego is beginning its journey to embrace all its citizens, and with the help from the college and the community, it will only continue to grow.

Written by Susie Fox, Peer Educator

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