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There are lots of thing we have heard about marijuana. But how many of those things that we’ve heard are real facts? Below are some myths and facts about marijuana.

Marijuana Myth or Fact

1)     Marijuana is not as harmful to your health as Tobacco – MYTH.

Regular use of Marijuana appears to be at least as damaging as regular use of Tobacco.

2)     Marijuana makes you mellow – MYTH

One study found that people who had used marijuana in the past year were more likely than nonusers to report aggressive behavior.

3)     There is no evidence that implementing medical marijuana laws impacts the rate of adolescent use – FACT

Several recent reports have found that youth use decreased after the medical marijuana law was passed.

4)     The majority of adults who use marijuana do not have adverse mental health issues – FACT

There is simply no compelling evidence to support the claim that marijuana is a casual risk factor for developing a psychiatric disorder in healthy adults.


Jessica Sauerwald, Peer Educator