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Got a big phone interview coming up? No problem. These 5 tips will help you stay professional and avoid common interview faux pas:

  1. Pick the perfect location- Avoid noisy or uncomfortable areas. Make sure there will be no distractions, such as people, TV, house music, etc. Go someplace private and comfortable. Also, make sure you’ll get good cell phone service there!
  1. Be prepared- Have access to a desk or table, pen and paper, and any documents you may need to refer to (resume, notes, questions, etc.).
  1. Dress For Success- While the interviewer may not be able to see you, being dressed for the job you want will put you in the interview mindset. Smiling and performing of non-verbals (while not visible) will make you more relaxed and prevent monotonous interviewing.
  1. Proper Phone Etiquette- Do not chew gum or eat. Drink water only when you know you will not have to make an immediate response. Speaking slowly and enunciating is also key. Remember- you are being judged almost exclusively on your speaking. So be clear and confident!
  1. Always send a follow-up- after a day or 2, send some form of a thank you note, whether it is an email or an actual note card. The interviewer is taking time out of his/her day to speak to you, so be appreciative for the opportunity. It shows that you are dedicated and that you really want the position.

Above all else, be yourself. They may not be able to see you, but an interviewer will be able to tell if you’re being phony. You got this!


Elana Ginsburg, Lifestyles Center Intern

Riley Ackley, Peer Educator