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With midterms almost over you are probably begging for spring break to come. Most people probably have plans to go off to some exotic place like Florida or South Carolina (where it’s actually warm). But, if you are like me, you don’t have the money to go somewhere to spend these lazy days by the pool. Instead you are stuck in your hometown bored out of your mind trying figure out what to do. On top of being in your boring hometown for spring break, you possibly don’t have your friends from home having the same spring break as you. In light of that, this Survivor Series is about how to survive spring break alone.

  1. Go to a new place you have never been. Everyone has that one place in town where they have never been, but both visitors and townies know about it. For example for my hometown we have a place with sculptures throughout a nature trail where you can experience art while walking. This is the time to explore those attractions in town. You may be surprise what you find there and who knows, it may be your next favorite hangout spot.
  2. Two words. Spring. Cleaning. If you are in any way like me, your room at home looks more like a natural disaster swept through, than a place where you rest your head. While everything you own is currently on your floor and any surface in your room is covered with junk, spring break offers the perfect opportunity to do some much needed cleaning. Even after cleaning, maybe you should also rearrange your room to make it feel new and fresh. Doing this will help with relaxation because studies have shown if you have a cleaner living space you are less stressed.
  3. Find a summer job/internships. Be the early bird and look around town and try to scope out the best summer jobs, so that you don’t have to worry about it after finals come around. Also if you look into jobs this early you will have a lot more options if you start now, instead of waiting until after school is done.
  4. New B(ang)innings: With spring there comes new flowers, grass, and new beginnings. Why not be like spring and adopt a new hairstyle or hair color? This could be the time where you experiment with your personal style and try something new! Just like the flowers, your hair will grow if you really don’t like the cut. Spring is all about fresh, new things! So why not be spontaneous and do something new with yourself?
  5. Go stargazing: If you have never slept under the stars, you are missing out. It is an awesome experience to see the entire sky up looking straight up. Try to pick out some of the constellations in the sky. Make sure you bundle up though if you are in a cold place.
  6. Make a photo journal of your staycation: This may be the best break you could ever imagine so make sure that you record the great memories you have participated in over this break. You may be surprised what you’ll discover in your hometown. So take lots of pictures so you can remember them for years to come!

Written by Emily Cooley, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Spring Break Video