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College students all around the world are turning to study drugs to help them study more efficiently. Students feel like they’re natural studying habits aren’t efficient because of a lack of focus and a lack of prioritizing efficiently. The coursework in college is different, it’s meant to be. But college doesn’t just come with a heavy courseload, it comes with responsibilities, social demands, and the beginning of adulthood.

Study drugs are different medications that are taken to enhance focus and give a boost in energy level. In an article online I read about a professor at Oxford University in London who created what is known as “smart drug workshops” invented as a place to discuss openly and freely study drugs, study habits and better alternatives to be the best student you can be.

“Also known as Nootropics, the term ‘smart drugs’ refers to a group of prescription drugs used to improve concentration, memory and mental stamina for the purpose of studying.”

“The most commonly used drugs include Modafinil, Ritalin and Adderall, normally used to treat disorders such as narcolepsy and ADHD, as well as Noopept, a fine white powder that claims to enhance cognitive ability.”

I could have found articles on students having near-death experiences by using some study drugs, but I wanted to stray away from that because we should stray away from it as well. Overdoses do happen, especially when a student feels like they have to get a certain grade on something. It’s important to remember although we are students, we are human, success does not mean perfection because perfection is not real.  

Steps to success: PRIORITIZE YOUR TIME!

  1. Put fun last. There’s no doubt fun should be in our lives, but we’re here to work, not play.
  2. Keep a journal or list of things that need to be done, cross them out as you complete.
  3. Any free time you see yourself having, work on any assignment or task due.
  4. Set numerous reminders on your phone, laptop and tablets of due dates.
  5. Do something that makes you happy, it can be small if once a day or something large once a week, but keep yourself happy while working. This can mean taking yourself out to eat, or a day you go out with your friends, just make sure all your work is done first.

Written and researched by Peer Educator, Shakira Samuels

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