Lifestyles Center Blog


Over the past few years, huge strides have been made towards equality for the LGBTQ* community. Still, we as a global community have a long way to go before all people are equal. Here are some ways to show your support for all people, and to have your voice heard:

1. Speak out against bullying- Let others know that it is not okay to hurt others because of their sexual orientation, gender, or any other reason. If nothing else, be there for those who have been bullied. Sometimes the best way to help someone is to be a friend.

2. Register to vote- Be heard! Sign petitions for same-sex marriage. Write to your state senator or representative. Let the government know that there is one more person calling for equality and change.

3. Be mindful of your vocabulary- Words really can hurt. Being aware of what you or your friends are saying, and actively changing it, can contribute to a more tolerant environment.

Above all else, treat others how you would want to be treated (it’s kindergarten stuff, people!).

Elana Ginsburg, Lifestyles Center Intern
Katy Osborn, Peer Educator