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The holidays can be full of awkward moments. From hectic dinners, bad gifts, and frustrating questions from curious relatives, this upcoming holiday season can potentially be a heap of unsavory moments for college age students. In this article, there is a myriad of solutions that you could try to avoid some frustrating moments during this upcoming season.

  1. Coping With Feast-Waiting.
  2. Watch a series. One time, as my mom took what felt like forever to cook, I actually watch a couple of Star Wars films. And you can do the same. Have a movie marathon while your parents(s) make the food. Even bring yourself and whoever else is present a few snacks for the occasion.
  3. Help out your parents. Sometimes parents are too prideful to admit that they need our help. Try to step in. If you are not helpful in the kitchen, try to set the table to even do a few cleaning tasks. If you are the one cooking the food, encourage other people around you to help out in various ways.
  4. This serves as an alternative to the movie marathon, but you can also play family games. This can serve as a way to bring the members of your family closer together (But, if your family gets confrontational playing certain games, I would definitely avoid those… Monopoly).
  5. Dealing With Gifts.
  6. Try to appreciate the spirit of the gift as opposed to the gift itself. Did someone overlook the fact that you dislike those fuzzy sweaters from Forever 21 again? Instead of getting frustrated with them, try to appreciate the act over the object.
  7. Donate. Donate. Donate. You know what they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Someone might appreciate the exact gift that you may dislike.
  8. What happens when you’re the bad gift giver? Everyone gets it. We are all college students and we don’t always have the means to get the perfect gift. Keep in mind that the holidays are more about spirit and the thoughtfulness that comes with it. If you forget to get someone a gift and they got you one, maybe you could send them over a thank you card.
  9. Dealing With A Long Break. Many people dread winter break. And, while they appreciate the break from classes, the aspects of being bored sink in.
  10. Take a mini road trip. By road trip I am not referring to the coast-to-coast road trip from East to West. But a mini one, perhaps to a few nearby cities could definitely be a great way to get out of the house. Make an itinerary of some of the cool places and activities in the nearby towns.
  11. Work. Many jobs hire employees around the holiday season. Try to apply for a minor role at the movie theater. Or even apply for a winter break internship that many organizations offer to college students. Take it one step further by applying for the internship in another city.
  12. Visit a family member or a friend. Try to visit that aunt in Virginia that you promised to see 5 years ago. You can really find out something new about yourself and others.

Written By Xaria Anderson, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Flickr