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Last week on Tuesday night I ordered a turkey sub from sub shop. I had mayonnaise, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese,  black olives and the works. It was delicious because food is always delicious. Then Wednesday for lunch I had chicken fingers and fries from Crossroads. A few hours later I started to feel woozy, nauseous, weak and had a case of diarrhea. I found someone to cover my shift at work and I went home early.

On my way home I stopped by a pharmacy near first street. I got Pepto Bismol and some Gatorade*. While home I drank water and laid down, I was in and out of sleep, and threw up twice and kept having to run to the bathroom. It was awful. I was moving slow, and the weakness wouldn’t subside. I called a great friend of mine who drove me to the Oswego Hospital; it was now after midnight.

Luckily they saw me fast. The doctor told me it was “the college diet” and to choose what I eat more carefully and the nurse told me it could have been Sub Shop’s mayonnaise and to be careful when I eat sauces from other places because it could be spoiled. The doctor also told me I would have to let the diarrhea subside and to stay hydrated… all this after they gave the IV of course because my heart rate was abnormally fast and I was severely dehydrated.

After the IV I felt like I had gained a lot of my strength back but I still was very exhausted and had stomach issues. I took the next day off (doctor’s request) and felt much better by Friday afternoon. I survived my love for food and am seriously taking some steps to better health and nutrition. Be careful what you eat and let’s try and cook for ourselves more often!

*Gatorade gives electrolytes to replace the nutrients you lose when vomiting and moving your bowels.

To avoid going through what i went through, follow these five steps:

  1. Drink about 8 cups of water daily, stay hydrated!
  2. Keep fruits and veggies in your diet (bananas, cranberries, spinach).
  3. Treat fried foods like cake, let it be a treat.
  4. Don’t eat sauces from places other than your home! (esp. Any type of mayonnaise)
  5. Cook more for yourself than you eat out!

Written by Shakira Samuels, Peer Educator

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