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Many of us know about greek life, pledging and the hazing it comes with. In this particular article a young man, survives hazing solely because his friend didn’t. Although hazing is illegal, some fraternities and sororities continue to implement this practice. Certain practices are considered mild and others, extreme. Greek life’s primary existence is not to harm or engage in savage like behavior. Those who wish to pledge motivated by heartfelt reasons should do so, just be careful! Here’s how:

  • Do thorough research! Even before attending rush week.
  • Pledge to a fraternity or sorority that is well acclaimed.
  • If anything is inhumane or harmful to your health in anyway during pledging, LEAVE!
  • Know the signs of hazing:
    • Physical harm, i.e fatigue, injuries
    • Feeling helpless, fearful
    • Feeling weak mentally and emotionally
  • Know that leaving, or choosing not to pledge isn’t quitting, it’s being prudent.
    • Call the Crisis Hotline 315-312-5555
    • Tell your RA or Hall Director
    • Tell us! Call the LifeStyles Center at (315)312-5648

Written by Peer Educator, Shakira Samuels

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