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Pressure from society is something that is in all forms of media. Whether its looks, societal status, relationships, or a false personal image, it is hard to escape the standards that is placed on millennials in this growing society that is filled with media. These challenges only continue to grow alongside the stigma of perfection in media. Here are a few helpful ways survive pressure from the media:


  • Relationships variey greatly depending on who is in it, what their morals are, and the understanding that both partners have.
  • Remember that posting on social media does not determine your relationship. Whether you are posting a lot about your significant other, or not at all, this does not determine whether you are in a good or bad relationship.
  • Understand that media is only a glimpse of things. Just because two people are ‘relationship goals’ according to media, does not mean that they are a non-argumentative and a consistently happy couple.


  • Fitness, weight loss, and workout tips/tricks have become a popular 2016-2017 trend. The strive for a perfect body is a year round goal, considering the media brings all countries, states, and regions together.
  • Things are not always as they appear. Often times fitness models and instructors admit to taking body physic pictures at certain angles in order to create a more toned figure.
  • Filters, apps, and other downloadable things help create an illusion of no body fat, no sweat after a long workout, and an effortless workout.
  • Understand that everyone has a different body type. Do not rely on pictures, videos or other forms of media as comparisons for a ‘perfect body type.’ Everyone has a different ideal body according to their height, bone structure, genetics, and eating habits.


  • Music, movies, tv shows, apps, and other forms of media often have substance use contributed somehow.
  • Often times in these outlets of media, the theme of drinking, drugs, and sex are repetitive… leaving readers/listeners/watchers to think these things are normal. They are not.
  • Understand that things said throughout different forms of media in regards to drugs and sex are not true 9 times out of 10. The faulting of sex partners and drug use is extremely distasteful, as well as dangerous. Instead of praising these people who shine light onto negative things, we should look at the reality they are in.


  • Although editing pictures has become extremely common for most media users, considering almost all forms of media have a section where you can edit, remember that natural is still beautiful.
  • Remember to use editing tools not to change your appearance, but simply enhance features you already have!
  • Understand that likes do not determine your favorability towards people, or the amount of friends you have and the same thing goes for followers.

Written and Researched by Jenna Uryevick, Peer Educator

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