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Despite Spring Break being just around the corner, these are trying times for any college student. March is difficult because it’s the middle of the semester. With that comes a culmination of everything ranging from stress to slushy weather that drags you down. Take advantage of these tips below to further benefit yourself in an attempt to escape that mid-semester slump.

Go for paper and pen, rather than laptops. One of the greatest inventions ever created was the laptop. With all of the handheld portability paired with amazing capabilities, laptops practically consume life (especially that of the college student). Research has shown though, that paper and pen are more beneficial in retaining information than laptops. Laptops, even if you are “paying attention” afford you the capabilities to transcribe, rather than learn from class presentations. Sit closer to the front in lecture classes and use paper and pen to shorthand notes so that you can focus on what the professor is saying.

Write things down. Proven fact: people sleep better knowing what they have to do the next day. By writing everything down before you go to bed you allow yourself to categorize importance. Revisit your planner (We all know we end up leaving those behind around week 2) and start listing when things are going to be due for you.

Attend a meeting with a professor. Papers are starting to come back, or at the very least, are due. Meet with your professor to better understand what their expectations are and to better organize your life. Talk to them about what things are coming up with the rest of the semester and make a list of this things (rounding back to the previous tip).

Schedule “work time.” Definitely one of the most beneficial things in the world is to allot hour-long periods every day where you will do work. Schedule them throughout the day and allow yourself chances to take breaks. While you make yourself “work time,” you’ll inevitably create periods where you can go to the gym, or watch a show. By scheduling your day thoroughly, you can become more organized- always knowing what you are going to do when things start to get stressful.

Take advantage of on-campus events. During March, spending money can become the only thing that seems to relieve stress. Whether it’s the movies, a trip to the mall, or a night out eating, these things can add up. While once in a while it can be great to “treat yo’ self” just as Retta and Tom Haverford suggested, these expenditures may get out of hand. So, attend on-campus events. Most are free and a lot have incentives. Whether it’s a raffle or a performance or a free craft, these can make you feel like you bought something without spending money.

Written By Riley Ackley, Peer Mentor

Photo Cred: mid semester slump