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As the season changes throughout the semesters, from summer to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring, your body also undergoes some changes.  During this time of year, the summer to fall transition, A.K.A. “Cold and Flu Season”, we should really take care of ourselves.  Even when we apply hand sanitizer fifty million times a day, we STILL can catch a cold and flu.  So you ask, even though I’m going to get sick, is there any way to help minimize my symptoms?  Yes, there is!  As a matter of fact, there are eight ways that you can alleviate your cold and flu to get you better soon!

  1. Plenty of Liquids:  Drinking plenty of liquids will replenish your body from its loss of fluids, due to “fever-induced sweats or excessive mucous production”.  In addition, unwanted toxins will be removed from your body.  When you drink warm liquids, like, tea or hot water and citrus, those beverages can relieve your nasal congestion symptoms.
  2. Stay in your Dorm:  Staying in your dorm is a good choice.  (Just make sure that you have a class buddy to update you on missed notes and work, and that you let your professor know.)  Since a cold and flu are contagious, you would not want to spread it to anybody else.  And last but not least, drum roll please… YOUR BODY WILL NEED REST!  It is the best weapon to fighting off these little buggers
  3. Take over-the-counter medication:  When the cold and flu hits, you might experience some headaches, body pains, and fevers.  Thus, it is important that you know to take any acetaminophen as necessary.  (But, please consult with your doctor to see what the appropriate amount would be for you!)
  4. Exercise:  Studies have proven that performing light exercises (nothing too serious!) daily will help boost your immune system as well as improve your cold symptoms.  Any sweat lost during your little workout session will get rid of bad toxins.  It could also improve your mood, which is a plus.  
  5. Moisturize:  When you use a vaporizer, it eliminates dry air from bothering your throat, lungs and nasal passages.  Another “helpful helper” is a saline spray after you detect symptoms of a cold because it will keep your nasal passages clear and open.  A saline spray also can prevent any future sinus infections.
  6. Take your Vitamins:  Studies have shown that multiple vitamins and supplements consumed during a cold or a flu have helped reduce any symptoms.  Zinc supplements are helpful because they have been proven to reduce recovery time by less than one week.  Some probiotics are able to do the same, and they have boosted immune health.  Intake of vitamin C is good to reduce cold symptoms as well!
  7. Relax:  Chronic stress increases your chances to catching a cold.  Stress may lower your immune system’s defense, which leads to infections.  Meditation can help you decrease your stress levels, and will make you feel better about you!
  8. Get a Flu Shot:  Getting your annual flu shot will defend you from influenza, which can be deadly.  The shot prevents any flu symptoms or viruses from attacking your body. So, please stop by the Mary Walker Health Center (or call 315-312-4100) to inquire about your flu shot! 🙂

Written by Angelica Perez, Peer Educator

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