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Welcome back! It’s week one and by the time you get around to reading this, the first week of classes will be nearly over. But, as any student knows getting back into “the swing of things” can sometimes be as long of a process as winter break is. With so much time gone and pets left behind with your parents, it can feel almost out of place to come back and enter school mode. Leaving behind the family-driven days of the holidays for a semester of (hopefully warm) academic days is best met with these great tips!

  1. Eat Breakfast. A few weeks before break, we mentioned this tip in a different Survivor Series. The reason: Because science has proven that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. No matter how often it’s said, this point is always a necessary addition to any positive lifestyle list.
  2. Make A Weekly Schedule: Very much like using a planner, when you find yourself doing similar things each week (i.e. weekly online discussion boards or reading quizzes), it can be helpful to post a single sheet of paper list of each thing that you do every week, rather than continuously posting it in your planner, post the sheet on your bedroom wall with the day each of the weekly tasks need to get done. Your task list could be read out with things like Monday: laundry, reading for class, gym. This way you prioritize the certain things and never forget to do them for that day. This regimentation with tasks is helpful in producing results. It will soon become second nature!
  3. Plan a group meal. It’s great to grab dinner with whatever friends can make it, but sometimes one of the best ways to enter the school mindset is by bringing everyone together and heading to your favorite restaurant. If your schedules only come together briefly, you can also just go to your favorite dining hall together. Talk about new classes and expectations, while also catching up on all of the fun and exciting (or relaxing) things you did over break.
  4. Set Up A Weekly Library Hour. Everyone gets busy. But, while everyone may visit the library less often than we’d like to say, it can be helpful to begin your semester with some weekly library hours. No one expects this to be maintained throughout the semester, but at least in the first couple weeks, this can be a great way to set the mood of academia.

Written By Riley Ackley, Editorial Peer Mentor

Photo Cred: Fred Astaire