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Garbage, shoes, gym clothes and multiple people in cohabitation = the recipe for a smelly dorm room.

Don’t let offensive odors keep you from your room. Follow these tips, and your nose will thank you:


  1. Plug-ins- Both cost effective and powerful. The only downside: they’ll take up an outlet. They can also dirty easily. But they are a good option; I recommend them!
  1. Air fresheners- But be selective. A lot of fresheners simply mask the odor, without actually getting rid of it. Read the label carefully.
  1. Laundry- Dirty clothes piling up in the corner of your room can get pretty stinky. Try doing your laundry weekly. You may want to wash gym clothes more frequently. And don’t forget to wash your sheets.
  1. Garbage- Take your garbage out as soon as it’s full. Things that can rot, such as banana peels or expired milk, should be thrown away immediately. Your residence hall has a Garbage and Recycling room, just find out its hours.
  1. Shoes- Most people have smelly shoes. Even outside of the room, strong foot odor can be embarrassing. Try placing a dryer sheet in each shoe overnight, or sprinkling baking powder in them at night. Always remember to wash your feet in the shower (I know, they’re far away and forgettable sometimes).
  1. Roommates- If the smell is coming from the other side of the room, sit down and talk it out respectfully. If you don’t feel comfortable, ask your RA for some help with talking to your roommate.


Enjoy your fresher-smelling semester!


Elana Ginsburg, Lifestyles Center Intern

Riley Ackley, Peer Educator