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Everyone’s favorite time of year is coming and that is the end of the school year. But before that can happen, we have to go through the beloved Finals Week. It would be nice if we were always completely prepared for every test and didn’t spend the previous week freaking out. Hopefully the following “hacks” will prepare us for our finals.

Here’s some unexpected studying hacks from buzz

  1. Spray an unfamiliar scent while you’re studying; spray it again right as you’re about to take the test, this should jog your memory.
  1. Chewing an unfamiliar gum while studying and before the test also works.
  1. Utilize index cards. The extra writing exercise can help you remember key details.
  1. Leave yourself a candy trail while reading, it can work a great incentive by pushing you to continue to read.
  1. Use programs such a cold turkey to block distracting sites for a period of time.
  1. Try watching documentaries on the the topic that you’re studying.
  1. Take notes using different color pens.
  1. Try taking a break every 25 minutes.

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Xaria, Anderson, Peer Educator