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You’re back in Oswego for the Spring semester, yet it really isn’t spring……its cold, snowy and of course windy! Unlike last semester, you can’t enjoy Lake Ontario with a swim or relax at the Bluffs. However, Oswego’s winter still brings tons of fun activities to do! Here are some-


  • Eat and Drink– The winter is the perfect time to bake. Find yummy recipes and share it with your friends! You will make tons of memories baking with your friends, and then get to enjoy delicious food!
  • Go Outside- Even with this cold weather, there are still ways to enjoy yourself outside. You can –build a snowman

have a snowball fight

go sledding,

go snowshoeing!

As long as you are bundled up you can enjoy the outdoors!

  • Stay Inside– If being outside isn’t for you, there are tons of things you can do indoors.

-Go to the Syracuse mall

-Explore local shops in Oswego.

– You can stay in and watch movies with your friends.

-you can enjoy some indoor ice skating here on campus!

Campus Events– With all the clubs and residence halls we have here at Oswego, there are tons of events going on. Look out flyers on campus or check this blog every Friday for upcoming events!



Nicole Montera, Peer Educator