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It is highly recommended that you have a conversation with your partner about STDs and about getting tested when both of you are ready to engage sexually. But, what’s next? What if your partner tells you that he/she has STDs? All is not lost, and there are ways to move forward. Here are some great tips to carry with you!

  1. Get tested. If you find out that your partner has an STD and you both have had a sexual relationship before, the first step is to get tested (assuming you haven’t yet). This applies to you whether you or not you’ve used protection in the past.
  2. Be informed. A crucial step in this learning process is to become as informed as possible on the STD in question. Questions ranging from how often if they show symptoms or have outbreaks to how their life experiences have changed as a result are important. Pair personal experience with secondary research so that you can protect yourself and understand your partner’s situation.
  3. Join a support group. Knowing that both of you are not alone and that there is outside help for you is important. Listening to what other individuals are going through will help you emotionally. Nevertheless, as the discussions go on, you will have the opportunity of letting your voice be heard.
  4. Education is key. Do your own research about the STD in question. It is really important to have good background information about the specific STD so that you and your partner can have a firm grasp on how to protect one another. This includes finding out local organizations that can help you both professionally.
  5. Wear condoms. It has been proven that the proper and consistent use of male latex condoms decreases the risk of STD transmission. An STD doesn’t have to be a death sentence and the fact that your partner has one doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Use a condom, talk to a health professional, and arrange for consultation. If you’re still worried, or condoms aren’t effective enough, research other possibilities.

Written by Stacy Palacios, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Protect Against STDS