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With so many things going, the semester is truly in full swing. Clubs and organizations, social lives, and academics have swarmed our brains with plenty to think about. And, at times, we all have moments in when our temper might get the best of us. Whether it be a friend or a family member, here are some tips to keep you from falling off the edge.

  1. Take A Walk. While a straightforward tip may seem redundant, the fact of the matter is, it works. Taking a walk opens airways, allows you to think, and can give a stressful event the opportunity to defuse. Not only is it healthy for your mind, it is also healthy for your body. So, while the gym may take a backseat when things pick up, a nice walk gives you time to think.
  2. Talk To Yourself. This one can look kind of crazy but, when you say things out loud you get a better understanding of how you are coming across. By saying it, you can move on to rationally tell yourself to relax and breath. Say how you’re feeling to yourself so that you are better prepared to discuss it with others.
  3. Listen To Music. With tons and tons of research out there, music has proven itself to make people feel a certain way. Electronica has been argued to increase frantic driving, rock has shown to amp people up, and alternative provides a relaxing moment of tranquility.
  4. Go For The Crunch. Studies have shown that by eating crunchy food (i.e. trail mix or a few chips), people can actually become calmer. Feeling stress? Eat a healthy handful of a crunchy snack to process through your feelings. And, if you’re worried about eating too much, measure it to a handful.
  5. While slightly more aggressive, this approach is a solid way to stop yourself from feeling hot headed. Empathize with the person you’re talking to. Always try to stay calm in the process and in the end, try to open yourself up to a full conversation and discussion.

No matter what though, remember: it may seem difficult to prevent losing your cool once in a while, but effort and time management can be great first steps. Always maintain yourself and take a break. Trust me, I know.


Written By Jaydee Maldonado, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Her Campus