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Let’s be honest, SUNY Oswego can have the most confusing weather on the planet. Every hour we switch between cool, dreary rain and heat-blasting sunshine. Sometimes, preparing yourself for the conditions ahead can seem meaningless. But, until winter comes and takes all weather that isn’t snow away, preparing yourself for a variety of climates is necessary.

  • Have a Back-up Plan. Pack an umbrella and bring a sweatshirt. While it may feel cumbersome, being prepared for whatever lies ahead will give you ease. While a folder may be acceptable enough to fan yourself off, being cold isn’t something easily beat (Especially if you’re in an A/C-filled place like Marano when the weather goes south).
  • Wear light, closed-toed shoes. Depending on who you are, it can seem difficult to justify shoes when the sun is out. But, once the rain starts, you’ll be regretting those flip flops. Not only will your heels squeak through the halls, but you might slip or worse develop stinky feet. Wearing boat shoes or a lighter running shoe can help prepare you for any weather.
  • Carry water. For sure, the number one thing you can count on is the necessity of water. From walking between buildings to the overall health benefit of drinking it, water is a dire necessity. No matter the weather, water will come in handy. Not only has it been proven that people who don’t drink enough water can develop bad breath, it’s also been proven that people who drink more water are healthier.
  • Read the signs. While not always the most reliable, look up at the sky and read your phone’s weather app. Even if the weather isn’t spot on, the round about temperature should make your outfit choice for the day easier.
  • Take a break, wisely. Have some time in between class? Instead of napping in one of your warm dorm rooms, take a breather in Marano or Shineman to cool off. With plenty of comfortable seating, these places can be a great place to practice mindfulness.


Written By Riley Ackley, Peer Mentor

Photo Cred: Rain