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As a campus filtered through lenses of party culture, sometimes the pressures to participate in drug and alcohol usage on and off campus can be a challenging one to face. Understanding that you have the power to say no is the first step towards becoming a strong, awesome individual. Below is a list to help make this process easier for everyone.

  1. Be Repetitive. Don’t hesitate to state and inevitably restate your position on an issue. Showing others that you are firm in your beliefs can be a great first step and one that you won’t regret.
  2. Don’t Buy The “Everyone Is Doing It” Line. Remember it is all about perception, what is really going on is that only a fraction of who you think is participating really is. By acknowledging this it is easier to make your own choice to choose a different path.
  3. Ask About The Long Term. Try to picture yourself in a few years; will you have been proud of your actions? Will you being willing to tell any possible children about this experience? Would this experience prevent you from accessing certain careers? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, do yourself a favor and think about your choice before you make it.
  4. Walk Away. Is the situation one that may be out of your control? Then take a step back and leave. Even if you say no, the physicality and proximity to negative actions are ones that you can end up involved in or associated with. Sometimes situations happen that are sudden and unavoidable. Realizing that you can leave even if others will not is a good precaution to take when going through life.

Research and Concept by Allison Flanagan, Peer Educator

Photo Cred:Fruit